Data Protection Officer

Your customers´ data protection – taken care of.

Under GDPR, organisations that process special categories of data are obligated to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Non-EU organisations that process data for, control, or partner with EU organisations must also abide by this requirement.

The Data Protection Officer can assist the management in service design, strategies for data use and internal compliance and acts as a point of contact for customers, public, and Data Protection Authorities. A DPO also supports the organization in DPIAs, provides training and supports ongoing compliance and audits. 

Septer provides Data Protection Officers as a service to EU/Non-EU organisations in the public and private sector by assigning one of their jurists specialising in GDPR and relevant national frameworks to act as your DPO.

Failing to appoint or registering a DPO with the relevant authority is a highly visible form of non-compliance. Septer´s DPOs are jurists with at least a Master of Laws or equivalent, properly insured who keep up with their field through training and professional development.

We also supply Data Protection Representative